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About Ashton Beaudoin

Children hold a special place in my heart. Being a mother, I have been rewarded with 2 amazing boys. My passion for children only accelerated when I took a job as a part-time school aide, working at a few different schools and monitoring them during their lunch and recess breaks. In those few short hours of work each week, I realized how much I needed and wanted to work with children full time! I looked into a few options and felt that the early childhood education course is where I needed to be.

I started taking the ECE program at St. Clair College in September 2020. Now I'm a graduate of the program and couldn't be more excited and proud to start on my new journey in life.

My goal in the future is to work for the school board in a kindergarten room.

I see the good in all children. All children are unique and wonderful in their own ways. Some children are a little more challenging than others, but that’s what makes me love this profession even more!  Being able to provide support and love to those who need it most is why I took the Early Childhood Education Program at St. Clair College.

In my portfolio I wanted to highlight some things about me and why I am so passionate about being an Early Childhood Educator.

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"Kids don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are."

Jim Henson

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3863 3rd Concession Rd. N.
Amherstburg, ON
N9V 2Y9


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